Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tool #10

Digital Citizenship is what we are going to have to deal with in the future of teaching.  We will deal with it just as we have dealt with character, integrity, cheating and more over the years.  We talk about it.  We show research and how it will affect the future and most importantly remind students to think about what they do and say.  Hopefully common sense and good manners will be part of the basic makeup for most students but there is a ton of information out on the web and in the district paperwork to begin the handling of this.  

In the performing arts we already do much of what this tool is asking.  We use CHARMS to communicate through calendaring, email and texting with our students and parents to let them know what we have going on.  I also have a theatre website that is updated and the students have a Facebook page that they keep it all in a loop for both small and large group sharing.  We are always aware of who is in charge of the messaging and how to keep it all on the up and up.  Constant communication is a huge part of what I do and what my students need and so I will keep on, keeping on.

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